What do you want to know?

Will SEO Help My Business?


Do you need more convincing?

9/10 People will start their buying decision for a service or product with an online search.

If you are not on the top of Page 1, new customers will never find you.

SEO is now the best way for you to grow your business by increasing the visability of your brand to more potential clients.

An Example of a New Customer's First SEO Campaign

Below we provided a sample program based on a typical client.

Client profile: Dentist located in San Diego, Currently Ranking 15th Overall for "Dentist + San Diego". No Previous SEO Work, a minimalist website with a monthly blog and some industry content.

Phase 1: (Months 1-3)
-Audit Website and identify all factors limiting ranking potential
-Document all access and establish point person for SEO requests
-Establish 12 Month SEO Campaign
-Starting Building Links for Local Easy to Rank Keywords
-Create Social Media Scheme and Implement
-Introduce conversion tactics
-Setup Google Analytics and Data

Phase 2: (Months 4 - 6)
-Begin building links for higher competitive searches for area and industry
-Build out content sections to drive more likes and traffic from consumers
-Reach out to customers for more reviews and push hard for social media influence
-Reporting and progress charts
-Local citation information construction

Phase 3: (Months 7 - 12)
-Tweak SEO campaign based off of first 6-month plan and adjust for issues
-Drive home conversion rates -Introduce more keywords to add weight to website
-Social Media interactions schedule
-Prep for year 2 and new goals
-Expansion of local area reach
-Review competition and account for their changes

There you go. A high level looks at how we would structure the development of a new client. It is very important to set the correct foundation and not rush to see results during the early stages. Read more below on our opinions on other agency tactics and seem too good to be true.

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What Type of SEO Services Do You Offer?

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When Can I Expect Results?

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. This is not an overnight fix and any agency that suggests otherwise is giving false information.

Our SEO campaigns can focus on short term goals to increase success within certain areas, but to be successful in competitive keyword searches such as "Your Industry + Local City" - this will take time.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) vs PPC (Pay Per Click)

Which one should you use and why?

Your top competitors use SEO and have been for some time. The long-term strategy of building awareness on the web, on social media and optimizing your website, will always surpass a PPC campaign.

Based on available data, we know that 90% of online customers ignore PPC Ads. They instead favor results placed in the Page 1 Results.

If you are looking to expand and grow your business for the future, SEO is your answer.

Billing and Invoice Date

Monthly Services will be charged on the 1st of the month- no exceptions.

Pay by Credit Card - Automatically Charged on the 1st - Invoices sent to customer's email address for confirmation. Discounts available for this method of payment.

Pay by Check - The Check must arrive no later than the 6th of each month. Penalties will occur and be included in next month's bill. $100 Late Fee

We are an SEO Agency and do not enjoy chasing down monthly payments.

Failure to pay gives us the right to cancel the contract at any time.

Oh No...My Ranking Dropped!

Our team works every day to ensure that we provide our clients with stability and support.

However, your website may drop in ranks due to your competitors or Google itself.

Don't panic - if this happens our team will reassess and adjust our tactics.

We understand you may exerience frustration, but this is the nature of SEO.

Beware of These SEO Traps

Cheap Monthly Rates - This is an extremely competitive industry where businesses pay lots of money each year to ensure that their 24 website is #1. The offers that appear too good to be true, usually are.

Guarantees - There is no guarantee in our industry, We will use our experience to form a solid plan for you and your website so that it will be competitive and eventually overtake your competition. However, if an agency promises specific results, they are not being 100% truthful about their tactics. They will either undersell the expected results to appear strong OR they will go a route that could potentially set your website up for issues and penalties with Google's Ethics Policy. This will result in low rankings long term and require a lot more money to fix.

Instant Results - We can promise you change in your rankings in as little as 30 days with our SEO Website Optimization, but anything more than that is a fallacy. The top websites in your area have been working with SEO and have put in the time to climb their way up the ranks. To instantly best them is not realistic. However, you will see changes in the first few months and work your way up. And with a solid strategy and consistent adjustments to the plan, there is no telling where you can be by the end of the first campaign.

Cancellation Policy

Before you consider Cancelling Service, please reach out to our SEO Director, Newal Rafferty. If there are issues with your service or are not satisfied with results, we are here to help find a solution.

All Contracts Include a 90 Day Cancellation Policy

To Complete Cancellation: Please send an email to your Account Manager and let them know you would like to end services with KurrentSEO.

During 90 Day Period - If this request arrives before the 90th day into your contract, KurrentSEO will end all services immediately and proceed with the cancellation process.

After 90 Days into Contract: If your cancellation request DOES NOT arrive before the 90th day into your contract, you are legally obliged to pay out the rest of your terms.

We have a strict NO REFUNDS Policy

REMEMBER: You may experience a drop in rankings, this is due to SEO services no longer being provided. We offer no support or guarantees once our partnership and contract have ended.


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While most SEO Agencies only have the skills to work within their city, so we strive to be the best SEO agency in CA and service the entire state.

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