Pay Per Lead

We Send You Leads - You Sell Your Services


Local Leads

Local people looking for your services today. We setup everything - you just need to answer the phone and get the order! If you have 1 location with 1 service are OR 5 locations with 5 services cities each - we can do it all!
Call Tracking

You can track every single call that gets sent your way so that you can verify the quality and use them as training tools. Increase your converstation rate and listen to each customer interaction.
Set Your Budget - Set Your Goals

Need more leads but don't want to hire more people? Set the number of leads per month so every member of your staff is busy, but not over booked. No contracts - increase at your own pace.
Easy To Start

Our team will set everything up in 7-10 business days. After that, the leads will start being sent to your phone or phones. Answer the call and start generating more business. These calls are 100% exclusive. No contract. Low Cost to Start.
Exclusive Leads

Our calls are 100% exclusive to your business. Once you pick up the phone, that lead is yours. We never double sell leads - that's bad business. We want to become partners. The more business you do - the more business we do.

Leads Delivery Guarantee

There is not a single doubt about you receiving your leads because we offer a 100% Deliver Rate.

We want to be partners and this means that if the month closes and we did not deliver the entire set of leads - no payment until it's fulfilled.

No Contracts either. If you want to halt the leads for a few months to catch up on all the new business, no problem. We can quickly pause the account until you are ready!


  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • Guaranteed Lead Delivery
  • No Contracts
  • Low Cost to Start
  • Start getting Leads in 7-10 Days
  • Free Consultation and On-Boarding Calls
  • Create Own Goals - Set Own Budget
  • Reporting Available 24/7 - Instant Access
  • Available to Group with our SEO Package

Get More Phone Calls. Grow Your Business. Stay Kurrent


While most SEO Agencies only have the skills to work within their city, so we strive to be the best SEO agency in CA and service the entire state.

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