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Your website is the ultimate marketing tool. It must be fast and effective to find more customers.


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Targeted traffic is the new king of marketing for your Walnut Creek business. Long gone are the days of more traffic means more money is your pocket. So how do find targeted traffic and ensure that the people who call you are the right fit for your services? Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any other Walnut Creek SEO agency can promise to increase traffic, but it takes a special customized strategy to deliver targeted traffic. The traffic that will drive growth!

SEO is now considered the best bang for your buck marketing approach in today's digital world. 9/10 people will now start a buying decision with an online search. It doesn't matter what your service or product is, you must have a establish foot-in-door online to build your business.

It no longer makes sense to take calls or emails from people outside your local service area. What good does it do if you receive 10 requests a day from Europe if you only cover the Walnut Creek and some area?

So how do we stand out and do better?

We use Walnut Creek SEO tactics to drive more local traffic to your website. When a local walnut creek resident searches for your service online, we use our skills to get you to the top to be found.

We use our search engine optimization tactics with other and much-needed ingredients of success. This includes on-page optimization, social media campaigns, review generation and more.

Our SEO strategies focus on both online and mobile access to ensure wherever and whenever a potential customer search for your service, you will be there.

KurrentSEO also take the time to work diligently on a campaign for your website. Visually, you may have a well-constructed site, but that does not drive traffic. Many factors from the content and CTA signals all the way down to the internal code play a part.

If Google receives positive signals from your site, then your traffic and reputation online will be positive as well for the Walnut Creek area.

So among the other Walnut Creek SEO agencies, why choose us to manage your most important marketing and customer outreach tool?

✓ We offer Walnut Creek businesses high value, results driven success for a reasonable price

✓ We provide custom SEO Services Walnut Creek owners need, to stay ahead of the competition. There should never be a one-size for all plan - different goals for different Walnut Creek brands.

✓ Regular progress reports and updates on how the Walnut Creek search engine optimization is going.

✓ As your Walnut Creek SEO consultant, we stay agile and make changes when needed. SEO (search engine optimization) works for all types of Walnut Creek businesses. Whether you are a new business looking to grow, or an established brand that wants to maintain it's level of customers in the Walnut Creek area, we fit your model. When choosing who is the best fit for your Walnut Creek business, choose KurrentSEO.


While most SEO Agencies only have the skills to work within their city, so we strive to be the best SEO agency in CA and service the entire state.

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